Parent drop-off time


Parent pick-up time:

2:00-2:25- PM


Early Childhood Network



Please read the carline instructions carefully. Please ask for clarification if needed.     Thank you very much!

The Ruston Police Department and Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Department developed our route to ensure the safest entry for all. Our SRO will speak with you if there is a need due to a safety concern or problem. 

Please see the picture below.

PLEASE enter the carline from the end. Our carline forms down E. Mississippi in front of LPECC HEADING WEST towards downtown. You must make a right turn to enter the parking lot. To avoid a traffic jam on Mississippi, only LPSB staff and childcare vehicles will be allowed to turn left into or out of the parking lot.  We will have two lines of cars in the carline when traffic is heavy. After entering the parking lot, drive into the shortest line. To prevent a traffic jam you must turn right when leaving our parking lot.

This should help keep carline as safe & fast as possible. Please read and take a picture of these instructions and send it to any person that picks up your child and provide them with a carline sign.

PLEASE give anyone with permission to pick up your child an LPECC Carline Name Sign issued by the school to avoid inconveniencing the driver. Adults without an official LPECC Carline Name Sign must park on the side, enter the office, show their ID, and listed on the approved list, receive a temporary approval slip, then renter the carline at the end to receive the child.

(IF A PERSON IS NOT ON THE LIST SUPPLIED BY THE PARENT/GUARDIAN WE CANNOT ALLOW HIM/HER TO TAKE THE CHILD. If someone needs to be added to or removed from the list, the parent/guardian must go to the office and do this in person.)

Due to traffic safety concerns, we are unable to allow anyone to walk their child to and from our building during carline.  Thank you for dropping your child off & picking them up through the front carline between 7:30-7:55 and 2:00-2:25. You may walk up after 7:55 and after 2:25 when the carline traffic is over.

To avoid traffic jams we only allow parents/guardians to turn RIGHT into and out of parking lot during carline. Childcare vehicles and buses may turn left.

  1. Please form two carlines and alternate turns merging into the final carline in front of the school.

  2. For safety, children must exit and enter the vehicle on the right. No car doors should be opened on the left of a vehicle in carline. 

  3. LPECC name signs must be easily visible in order for us to call for your child at dismissal.  Place it in the middle of the front dash. You may be asked to hold it up to the glass if there is a glare on the window.

  4. For safety, no person may get into or out of the car in carline other than the LPECC child.

  5. If your child cannot buckle alone, you will need to drive to the side parking lot with your child, park in a parking spot, and help your child properly buckle before leaving.

  6. If you do not have the school issued name sign, please do the following:

A. park in the side parking lot

B. walk into the building with a current picture id to be found on the pick-up approval list on file, receive a temporary permission slip.

C. return to your car with the permission slip

D. enter at the end of the carline

E. show the permission slip to the “carline caller”, then

F. pick up the designated child through the carline. 

To help with us with safety, traffic flow, and identifying your child’s location more quickly at dismissal, children with BLUE or GREEN carline name tags exit from the front door. Childcare vehicles with YELLOW or PINK signs are allowed to use to the side exit.

LPECC Carline Routes