Welcome to the LPECC Family!

The LPSB will notify you through an email if your child will be placed at LPECC for the 2023-2034 school year. They will also notify you if any documentation is missing from the application in order to complete the enrollment process.  Please call them at 255-1430 if you do not receive notification after two weeks of your final submission.  LPECC will not have the information until everything has been approved by the LPSB.

If you received notice that your child will be at LPECC, his/her teacher will contact you around August 14, 2023 after she returns to school. She will set up an Orientation Visit for you and your child to meet her individually before school actually begins so the child is more comfortable.

We are all very excited about the new year and want it to be a successful learning experience for all of the children. Our goal is that all of the children feel safe, secure, loved, valued, accepted, successful, and productive while they are at LPECC. 

Tentatively, appointments to briefly visit with the teacher will be August 17th and 18th between 7:30 and 3:00. The actual first day of school for boys will be August 21st, only girls will come on the 22nd   for their first day, and all students will come on the 23rd.

We understand how difficult it may be to drop off your child on their first day of school. We want the first day of Pre-K to be a happy and memorable experience for families. Feel free to park on the side and take pictures before your child enters the building. On the 21st and 22nd, we will allow parents to park on the side and walk their child to the door if desired. Our instructional time begins at 7:55. After the first day, due to traffic safety concerns, all students will need to be dropped off through the carline before 7:55. Staff will be helping the children out of the vehicles and guiding them to the cafeteria or their classrooms. All children will be dismissed through the carline each day. Due to traffic safety, we cannot allow parents/guardians to walk up to drop off or pick up their child during carline.

We welcome parent involvement and offer several opportunities for parents/guardians to be involved in their child’s learning experiences throughout the year. As with any age child, a strong relationship between home and school is extremely beneficial to the success of the child. Notification of classroom activities is provided through notes and the Remind App. Please set up the Remind App to stay informed and use for personal communication. Your child’s teacher will give this information to you at your Orientation Visit.

I hope to see you soon,

Melinda Killen

LPECC Director

 Please understand that our arrival and dismissal times may be changed by the LPSB if needed.